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The Customised-StrategyTelegram Trading Bot

V1 Core Features

One-click preset strategies for profit-taking and stop loss.

Customized strategy by using user-friendly interface.

Token contract security check

How it works?

how it works
how it works


Token Symbol: $RESPECT

Contract Address: Token Not Launch Yet
Network: Ethereum
Max Bag: 4%
Buy/Sell Taxes: 4%
Total Supply: 10,000,000

Security Disclaimer

TBH, as every transaction requires a signature, our trading bot needs to

temporarily store your private key on the server to facilitate trade execution

on your behalf. Although we assure you that we have no intention of misusing

your private keys, we highly recommend using a Burner Wallet to maximize

the isolation of your risk while mitigating any trust concerns.

❗️Please use this Trading Bot only when you have a thorough understanding of and acknowledge the Security Disclaimer.